Q:   What nationality are the students?

A:  The students on the short stay groups in the Spring are 75% French, the rest being made up of groups from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Q:    How many students can I have at any one time?

A:   We normally allow a maximum of 4 students per household.  The students are placed in twos, threes or fours in the Spring groups.

Q:   Can students share rooms?

A:    Yes, they are perfectly happy to share a room as long as it is not with a family member.  They can share the bathroom with the rest of the  family.

Q:    What sort of beds do they require?

A:    They must have proper single beds or a good quality pull out bed with a proper frame and mattress.  No Camp beds or similar.

Q:   What sort of food do they  like?

A:    These are teenagers and, like teenagers the world over, they like simple food.  Pasta, pizza, burgers, shepherd’s pie etc.  Ask them on arrival if they like salad and vegetables –  they probably won’t eat much of either .   They do like fruit however, so always offer that.   Yoghurts are always popular as a pudding if they haven’t had them for lunch.  They don’t like marmite or salt & vinegar crisps and cannot understand us eating pickle ( ie. cheese & pickle) they will have a fit if you give them that!

Always have a loaf of bread and some chocolate spread available and tell them they can help themselves outside mealtimes.   Nothing worse than feeling hungry when you are staying with someone and if they feel they can help themselves it takes the   pressure off them.    It doesn’t cost you much either.

Q:   Do I have to pick them up and drop them off each day?

A:    Yes, you have to collect them the night they arrive at the Coach Park.   This is normally about 6.30 pm.  You then drop them each morning between  8.00 -8.30 am and collect them between  6.30 – 7.00 pm each evening.   They normally leave about 8.00 am on day of departure, but you will be given exact times for each group.

Q:  Have other Host Families found the students easy?

A:  The European students are generally very well behaved and polite.   However, it is not common on the continent to say ‘thank you’ for everything the way the British do. It is not part of their culture and they are not being rude.  Sometimes a student  will be very quiet and not especially communicative – again, this is probably due to tiredness, homesickness or inability with the language so please do not take it as a personal affront!  Most of our students are friendly and want to try their English so like their hosts to speak to them during meal times. However, they have been on their coaches all day travelling around the area and are probably very tired so after  supper will usually enjoy relaxing with a video,  or something similar.   Obviously, each group is different and you have to play it by ear.

Q:   What about insurance?

A:    Your normal household insurance should cover you.  We do not often have incidents of damage, but I always suggest hosts check the bedrooms before taking the students to the Coach Park on day of departure.   If there is a problem we need to take the  Lead Teacher from the group to inspect it in order to put in for compensation.   Please see the paragraph on insurance on the compliance form which you will receive when you sign up with Stratford Host Families.

If you’ve got any more questions give us a call on:   07949 416801