“We became a Stratford host family last year and really enjoy the experience. It’s so easy!  We choose which weeks we are able to have guests stay and on the whole it is a really good experience.  If we want a break we don’t have students for a week or so (generally they stay with us for anything from a few days to a few weeks). They learn about how we live and we have an insight into their lives as well.

We have made some really good friends that we still keep in touch with. Best of all it’s a great way to earn some extra money by renting out that spare room. The students have a busy schedule while they are here so are not around all that much.”

The Young Family

Trinity Mead, Stratford upon Avon

“I really enjoy hosting students for Stratford Host Families. It’s interesting for the whole family to meet youngsters from different cultures and an enjoyable way to earn a bit of extra money.  Living on Trinity Mead means it’s only a short drive to pick up and drop off.”

The Taylor family

Trinity Mead, Stratford upon Avon